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Cool collection of comic book documentaries on YouTube. I really loved Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods, and I look forward to checking out the rest.

Their poses in the last panel are kind of genius.


Female Fantasy III

I feel funny about having a crush on this Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. SO CONFLICTED. Stop messing with my mind, gender-swapped art!


Beetle and Booster by Maya Nord:


Hey guys, the JLI redesigns I did a couple years ago are up on Project: Rooftop for their She-Design/He-Design feature. Click to see the full set!

THIS. Every significant Batman costume ever. Oh my gosh. I may… THOSE AREN’T TEARS I HAVE DUST IN MY EYES.



Dear Sir,

Listen, I know you won’t speak to me but just come over here and let me bend your waxy ear for just a second. Don’t wait for my colleague to come back from lunch so you can ask him about that Green Lantern comic. I work here too. I know I’ve got two tits and Lord knows what else…

Team photo epicness!

(via spookyhotties)

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On this episode, Mike and Dave give a live report from Paul F. Tompkins’ Comedy Central special taping, the boys run down the fall TV lineup, Mike crows about his goofy comedy stuff and his dumb blog, and they finish by talking way too long about DC’s New 52 comic book lineup. NEVER AGAIN. All that and much more!

Click here to download Geek Pilgrims Episode 7, or subscribe on iTunes!

This episode’s song: “Alone At Home” by Jonathan Coulton (Creative Commons licensed)

"Science is the new rock ‘n’ roll." Love it. (Thanks Nate Bellegarde.)

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Geek Pilgrims Episode 6: Midnight In Paris, SNL Season Premiere, And So Much Sexism

Welcome to episode six! It’s our wood anniversary! This week we talk Midnight In Paris, Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder at the Staples Center, can-can dancers at the Hollywood Bowl, SNL’s Alec Baldwiny season premiere, what books Dave wants to make you read, comic book sexism, our obsessions with improv, and more!

This week’s song: “Down Today” by Jonathan Coulton (Creative Commons-licensed)

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The true end of Catwoman #1

I want a girl to do what’s in the SECOND photo with.


The true end of Catwoman #1

I want a girl to do what’s in the SECOND photo with.

Superhero comics are nothing if not aspirational. They are full of heroes that inspire us to be better, to think more things are possible, to imagine a world where we can become something amazing.
Laura Hudson
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New episode of my podcast finally up! ENJOY. (We talk too much about comics at the top. Feel free to fast forward for us talking about OTHER nerdy things.)


Geek Pilgrims Episode 4: Too much on the DC Comics reboot, sprained ankles, technical difficulties, more!

A day late and a dollar short, but we’re back! Tune in for talk about the new DC Comics reboot and hear Mike’s overly judgmental opinions from before he read the books; DC’s excellent animated superhero movies including Ed Asner in voice drag; Dave’s thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” being a failure of a movie; Mike going down in the line of improv duty; Dave being a fancy member of the upper crust attending events at the Hollywood Bowl; why Mike is in love with the TV show “Louie” and now worries he will never be 10 percent as great as Louie C.K.; and more!

Music: “You Could Be Her” by Jonathan Coulton (Creative Commons-licensed)

What happened on September 11, 2001 was not God’s will.

God’s will was in the courage of every man, woman and child who stood up and came to the aid of their fellow humans.

God’s will was in the strength that was shown in the face of great tragedy and the desire displayed to rebuild, to move on and to do so with love.

… Love will prevail…

… God willing.

Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief
Be good, and good will follow.
 Captain Marvel


Batman says hi. Also, DC should implement this word bubble variation for him from now on.

Art by Mike Maihack.